Course curriculum

  • 01

    Lesson 1: Addition, Addends, and Multiplication

    • Introduction

    • Safety & Readiness Check

    • Warm-Up

    • Addition Dance

    • Optional: Journal/Note Sheets Print-Out

    • Writing Down Addition Dance Notes

    • Addends Dance

    • Addends Dance, Continued

    • Multiplication Dance

    • Review of Today's Lesson and Dance

    • Let's Run the Dance and Record It!

    • Music to Dance To - Option 1

    • Music To Dance To - Option 2

New lesson added every few days

Check back often to keep working on your Math dance!


Ashley Boyer grew up dancing for 15 years at Bellbrook Dance Academy where she participated in the student teacher program. Throughout this program she learned the basics of dance education for children of all ages in the styles of tap, jazz, and ballet. Now an involved student at the University of Cincinnati, Ashley is engaged with many dance organizations on campus, specifically UC Dance to Enhance. UC Dance to Enhance's mission is to give back to the community by bringing the art of dance to those who would not be able to experience it otherwise by encouraging dance and movement to promote a healthy lifestyle and to express creativity throughout the greater Cincinnati area. Ashley is also current president of the UC Tap Dancing Club where she teaches the beginner dancer basics of tap skills to fellow members as well as creating advanced challenges for experienced tap dancers.

Ashley Boyer

Math Instructor